Monday, September 3, 2012

Mini Mystery Monday: pt. 2

I hope you enjoyed working all your zig zag rows in a variegated thread of your choice. It's fun to see how the colors spread out over your canvas, isn't it?

Now we're going to jump out to the outer border, and stitch that in place.  Here's the whole graph, so you can see what you'll be stitching next, and be sure to stitch your borders in quadrants (it's easier that way), as shown below:

 To create that woven border, here's how to do it, in three stages:

When you lay your long diagonal stitches (in part one, shown above) make SURE your stitches are on the true diagonal - or you'll get in trouble!  Use your needle tip to "bump" down each hole on your diagonal line, until you reach the bottom hole; enlarge the hole so you can find it, then lay your long thread into it; do all the other long diagonal stitches in the same manner, but changing colors as needed.

Work the horizontal trios first, all the way down the quarter section, as shown in part two above.
Then go back and finish with the vertical trios, working all the way down the section, as shown in part three above.

I played around with this woven border a bit, to make stitching it as simple as possible, so I hope it works easily for you too.... And after you have it stitched, you can go back with your needle tip and "nudge" the long diagonal stitches that may have gotten bunched up under the woven trios, so they lay flat and smooth and you can see the sparkle of your metallic ribbon winking up at you!

I'm lovin' these woven borders, and have used them on many of my latest designs.  But this is the first time I've done them on the diagonal and I must say, they're pretty darn fun...  I hope you get your borders in place this week, and next Monday we'll start the really fun part -- filling in the squares!

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