Friday, January 11, 2013

First New Pattern of 2013!

Here it is, the start of a New Year.  And you know what that means?  MORE NEW DESIGNS to share with you!  Woo Hoo!!

I'm hoping you're gonna love this one, because it's something some of you stitchers have requested over the past year - another season in the Long Panel series.   So, TA DA, here it is:  the LONG WINTER PANEL.....

I had fun stitching this one up, since it's very monochromatic (using the french blue family of DMC 930/931/932) with LOTS of shimmer and sparkle with two metallic ribbon threads, plus lots of silver and blue beads. Here's a close-up of the middle section; the blue arrow is pointing to the sky blue metallic ribbon, the purple arrow is pointing out the snowflake (there are three of them on the panel) made with really cool twisted bugle beads, and the pink arrow is pointing to the ice blue metallic ribbon:

 When I was designing this piece, I was thinking about the colors and shapes of SNOW: snow-covered mountain peaks (see the jagged mountain peaks that divide the sections?) .... different composite stitch patterns that suggest snowflakes or falling snow..... and of course blues and teals and silvers.... all built around  variegated Watercolours 157, "Polar Ice".  I stitched this 4.5" by 16" design on the pale "french blue" mono canvas, but it could also be done on pewter.... or hey, how about the white with silver metallic canvas?!?  Veeeeerrry Wintery.  Brrrrrrr.....

And ahem... I even received a surprise Christmas gift from a friend that matched this project PERFECTLY!

Talk about a beautiful, blingy blue scissor fob!! Whew, this one takes the prize, and I loved using it as I stitched this icy blue piece.  (Thanks, Laurel... how did you know I needed a blue one, huh??)

So if you're in the mood to work another long panel with a decidedly wintery palette, please visit my website ( and get the rest of the information.
Happy Friday Stitching!