Monday, January 7, 2013

Mini Mystery Monday, January, pt. 2

I hope you have your foundation work done for this cute ornament, because now we're going to fill in those empty diamond shapes with some fun starry/snowflake elements.  AND, you'll have some creative decisions to make over what type of snowflake/stars you want on your ornament.

Here's the next graph for you to work from:

I've chosen some simple Rhodes Stars for my starry snowflake elements, to give you some idea of how the alternating colors will look.

A second option is to make Eyelet Stars, where each arm/stitch goes DOWN into the center hole, thereby creating a hole that is an excellent place to add a bead later.

The third option is to make a complete Rhodes Star, where each hole is filled, and thereby creates a really fat/full diamond shape.

Here's a detail graph of the three different kinds of snowflake/star elements you can use:

Option A is the Eyelet Star, with a center hole  that can be left empty or filled with a big bead.
Option B is a "light" version of a Rhodes Star, which creates an airy feel to the space.
Option C is the "full" version of a Rhodes Star, where every hole is filled and creates a nice plump star.  When worked with the flat metallic ribbon, the finished raised shape adds great texture, and a whole row of these beauties is very eye-catching.

All three versions cover an 8 x 8 thread diamond shape.  And of course, you can alternate the different types of snowflake stars if you want, and also alternate the colors and thread types as well.... so go ahead and mix & match to your creative heart's delight!

Next Monday we'll finish up with the final filler element, and guess what?... you'll have some more creative choices to make then, too!    See ya then, Mystery Stitchers.

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