Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's Time to Celebrate...

...a new stitch guide, that is!!

I've just finished and printed my next Stitch Guide, and this time it's done for LIBERTY (18-870), by Sandra Gilmore.  Here's how I stitched Miss Liberty:

It's a small canvas (apprx. 7" x 8.5" with the stitched borders), but it's a strong and powerful image of the Statue of Liberty.  I've stitched her in the luscious Bella Lusso merino wool threads, but the pattern offers you a choice of a wool version (like my model) or a silk version (featuring stranded Splendor silks), so you can pick which version YOU prefer to stitch.

LIBERTY is stitched mostly in Tent Stitch, but I've used some Straight Stitches in her hair and crown points, just to add some texture.  The bargello/rippling sky background is meant to suggest flags or banners, and is done with 1 ply of DMC Floche.  The photo makes it look sketchy, but in different angles, the light play off of the rippling sky is really cool and looks embossed, also adding subtle movement to this quiet image.

I created the outer border by blending two #8 pearl cottons together -- to suggest polished metal and architectural accents, which just reinforces LIBERTY's enduring strength and beauty.

If you would like to stitch LIBERTY, please contact your local stitchery store and have them order the canvas and stitch guide from Fleur de Paris (  By the way, I'll also have the stitch guide available on my website, if you already have this canvas in your stash!

And between you and me:  I am absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of this canvas and the way Sandra Gilmore has painted only LIBERTY's head, focusing on her gaze, which is steadfast, unwavering and ever-upwards.  I am fascinated by the way this image is cropped -- with her raised arm and golden torch left outside the frame of the canvas, because we all know it's there and by painting it this way, Sandra allows us to use our imagination to supply the rest of the statue, while staring into LIBERTY's face....I must tell you it was truly a beautiful and serene piece to stitch!


Anonymous said...

What would be a nice touch would be to stitch in the four borders the surnames of my four grandparents who came through Ellis Island.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Gorgeous design and inspired stitching! Ok, what's next in the stitch guide department?

zenuwpees said...

Bravo tres belle broderie Marie-Claire