Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cut Glass Dishes


I've been printing patterns this week, and one of my favorites, CUT GLASS DISHES, brought a smile to my face.  I love the intricacy of this design (and yes, there really is a quilt block called Cut Glass Dishes) with all its tiny triangles turning this way and that.   Very much like the triangular cut edges of the pressed glass dishes popular in the '20s and '30s.  Do you have some of them in your dish cupboard?  Dishes that were handed down from relatives in your family?  (You know... the ones that hold the pickle relish or stuffed olives for holiday dinners.)

Anyway, I pulled out the model of this design, and was studying it again.  Here's what the triangles look like up close; rather confusing in all their twists and turns (so you have to concentrate row by row) but so very pleasing when completed:

I love, love, love the colors of this piece - using Watercolours 139 - "Kelp" with buttery yellows and soft sea greens.  Looking at this piece also reminded me of some of my favorite books, the "Darling Dahlia" series by Susan Wittig Albert.

If you haven't read them (and you really must!), the Darling Dahlias are a women's gardening group in Darling, Alabama in the 1930s.  In this fun "cozy" mystery series, the author beautifully recreates the atmosphere of those Great Depression times, and I especially enjoy reading her descriptions of the clothes, gardens, and recipes of those days.  To me, reading these books are sort of like jumping into a tiny time machine, and revisiting old friends...

And something else you may find interesting:  the author, Susan Albert, is herself a stitcher and often finds time to stitch in the evenings, when the workday is done -- just like so many of us!  So if you're looking for a charming series of books to read and enjoy, I highly recommend Susan Albert's Darling Dahlia books.... and if you want a nostalgic project to work on while you read them, please consider my CUT GLASS DISHES!


Tatkis said...

Oh I enjoyed your stitching and your story so much!

Now I need to find Susan Albert's novels :)


zenuwpees said...

Bravo la broderie est magnifique bon apres-midi Marie-Claire