Friday, February 7, 2014

Hearts & Flowers Friday

 Deep in the midst of winter greyness a splash of color is always appreciated, isn't it?  Here are some flower bouquets that caught my eye on PINTEREST this week, and I thought you'd enjoy them too....and read on, Stitchers, because they tie into an exciting new design I'm releasing this week:

 After the popularity of my HOLIDAY WREATH, Roz Watenamo of Nordic Needle jokingly asked if I was going to start a new wreath series.  I laughed, but my designing mind immediately saw all SORTS of wreaths I could create and stitch.  The first one that really grabbed my attention was a wreath for Valentine's Day.  I started sketching, graphing and stitching and VOILA, here is my new VALENTINE WREATH:

As you can see, I couldn't decide which valentiney color to use - red, pink, or purple - so I used them all, and I just love the mixed colors on this!  This piece COULD be done all in one color family if you wanted to do that.  But I've also included thread options for a purple or pink velvet bow, which would definitely change the look of this multi-color wreath. Or, how about adding a few heart buttons, charms or lockets as extra embellishments?

And let me confess: it was soooooo fun to stitch up! I just loved coming up with compact ribbon designs to fit in the larger hearts. Gotta have a few Rhodes hearts, too.  And I added a few gold cameos on my wreath, to mix in some soft gold.... And padded hearts!  Oh so fun and easy to make with plain ol' pearl cotton.  Here's a close-up look at some of the hearts:

So if you are in the mood to stitch some really fun valentines for yourself or someone you love, please visit my and check out this delicious new VALENTINE WREATH!

Happy Friday, Stitchers!

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Susan said...

Needlework shops are going to love you!

I was recently ordering the ribbon floss for the Christmas wreath from Needle in a Haystack and they wrote back to say they had a run on them and were out of them. "It was rather mysterious." I replied to them that they were for your new wreath ornament and they emailed me back, laughing saying that explained it as they hadn't looked at the materials list for the wreath.