Monday, July 20, 2015

Design Quiz

Hiya, Stitchers!

I was playing around with photos of my designs this weekend, 
and was having fun arranging them into color groups. 
 (It was too hot to stitch, so I decided to mix and match
 some of my cooler blue and aqua pieces,
 to see how they'd look next to each other...)  
Then I got even fancier and created a "four-patch" photo 
with four designs of the same or similar colors. 
This one highlights those serene blues and teals.

So I thought I'd share my first DESIGN QUIZ with you savvy stitchers.

Can you name the four Laura J. Perin Designs I used 
to create the BLUE FOUR-PATCH below??

And, if you're a lover of all things BLUE, how many of them 
do you have in your stash??

ANSWERS, clockwise from top left:
Bargello and Butterfly  (Samper Collection)
Color Study: Flying Geese  (American Quilt Collection)
Blue Butterfly  (Sampler Collection)
Moorish Tiles  (American Quilt Collection)

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