Friday, July 17, 2015

Stitchin' The Blues

When the summer days are long and hot, I always seem to gravitate towards those projects that have cooling blues and greens.  I've done a lot of designs that use those serene colors, and I find them the perfect antidote for sticky, sweltering hot days (especially if you can sit stitching under a nice ceiling fan, or better yet, by cool ocean breezes).  Anyway, here are a few of my favorites:

REFLECTING POOLS (from my Impressionist Collection:

 EBB TIDE (in my Sampler Collection):

BARGELLO & BUTTERFLY (also in the Sampler Collection):

And some very fun American Quilt Collection designs... super cool FLYING GEESE:

and ultra serene OCEAN WAVES:

If you're eager to dive into any of these summery projects, please visit MY WEBSITE for more ordering information.



Susan said...

I couldn't find Reflecting Pools in the Impressionist section on your website...

Laura said...

Sorry.... It's there now, Susan!

Verna Wilder said...

I can't find Ocean Waves on your site. I love it! Would you direct me?

Laura said...

Verna, for OCEAN WAVES, look under the American Quilt Collection and keep scrolling down into the "favorites" further down the list. I just placed it there!! And thanks for asking...