Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Re-Teaching a Favorite Class Project!

Stitchers, have you heard about "messy beading"?  
      Have you been curious about it, but didn't know where to use it?
                  Well I've got a great little project for you to try your own messing beading on.....

Basically, instead of attaching beads one at a time, you scoop up several beads and then attach them in loops or strings or however you want...creating a very fun 3-D textural look to your canvas.  I decided to create a small printed canvas with a simple flower that had the right type of center that could take some "messy beading" on it.  Here's the initial drawing I created on my ipad, from a purple daisy photo:

Then after I printed in on 18 ct. canvas, I stitched it up with some zippy checkered (and padded) borders, some easy petal stitches, a fast "shadow stitched" background, and of course, the messy beading.  Here's how it turned out:

It was soooo fun to stitch up!  I've used DMC flosses in the 333 periwinkle blue family, so the colors are that lovely purpley blue; and I craved a lime green background just for the fun of it,which also makes the purple flower POP.  And I thoroughly enjoyed using the messy beading technique -- it was much easier than I expected - and certainly adds a lot of BLING to the piece!

When I got done I thought, "You know, this would make the perfect cyber class -- not too big, not too hard, and not too long - for stitchers like me who want to try some messy beading, but don't want a really big project."

And since I've had several requests to offer this fast and fun class again.... TA DA:
Here it is again, folks, my next Cyber Class called "Purple Daisy: A Messy Beading Project".  Registration starts today, March 23rd and runs thru April 30th.  The cyber class will start the beginning of end of May 2016, and have four emailed lessons.  Check out the details on my website!

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