Monday, January 21, 2008

A Creative Eye

Most people, when they see a photo like this in a magazine would be looking at the little boy and saying, "Oh, how cute...." When I look at this picture, I'm looking at the patterns on the sweater and saying,"Ooooh, those patterns would really look good in a stitchery design..."

And I actually did keep flipping back in the magazine to look at the sweater in this photo....and it became one of the sources of my next nordic designs: NORDIC VALENTINE. But I wanted to use bright valentine-y colors: red and blue and green. So I found a happy variegated Watercolours thread: "Passion" and began stitching, keeping focused on the hearts/valentine theme, but also incorporating other simple and fun nordic-type borders. And here's the final piece:

I'm thinking I'll turn it into a now I need to find some happy fabric that compliments this design....and sew it up!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

I'm with you here - although I do knit, I don't enjoy this much pattern - but I cut these things out and put them into a notebook for NEEDLEPOINT design - what else?Textile designs and patterns of all kinds are a great challenge for "translation."

jcayemberg said...

ARRRRGGGHHHHH! You have to quit designing such cool things!!!! My pocketbook just won't handle it! :-) Is Nordic Valentine available yet. I just love it and I happen to have this color of Watercolours in my stash.