Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Let it Snow!

Several months ago, Nordic Needle asked me to design a little pattern they could distribute for their January 2008 catalog. So I came up with a little snowflake design that has a very happy Nordic look to it, using wintery colors of pale blues, aquas and lavenders. And I added a bit of silver metallic in the star a few beads...

It's a fun small project, that uses a few strands of a #5 variegated pearl cotton (of course), plus blue and orchid solid color #5 pearl cottons....And a bit of silver metallic ribbon floss to add even more sparkle. I thought it would be fun to stitch as an ornament (turned on point, and a fat tassel added) or even a small pillow or box insert.

It WAS fun to stitch this little snowflake star and after I finished, I pinned it up on my art wall. I kept looking at it, and realized I really, really wanted to stitch up a larger version, with four snowflakes - in alternating colors combinations - with lots of fun, happy, easy borders. I even used a sparkly white canvas (to look like snow) so you didn't have to stitch the background. It was a fast, fun project to stitch, and before I knew it, I had whipped up the larger pattern: NORDIC SNOWFLAKES.

It has a very limited thread palette: just my favorite Watercolours 192 - Elderberry Wine, and #5 pearl cotton 208 (orchid) and 333 (that luscious blue violet) plus a new shimmery blue Ribbon Floss 148-109.

When Nordic Needle saw this completed pattern, they asked if they could use it on the cover of their catalog....and of course I said YES!

Although I framed this model, I can also see it as a wintertime pillow on a sofa or bed. And wouldn't you know it, the more I stared at the finished NORDIC SNOWFLAKES, the more I could see some other designs in the same manner: Nordic Flowers or Nordic Leaves, perhaps, or the one I'm working on next: Nordic Valentines (think bright primary colors).

That's the fun thing about just never know where one little project will lead you...(and that's the fun of following your creative curiosity).

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tintocktap said...

Love snowflakes and love the colours!