Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh, Those Flighty Flamingos!

Check out this color combination:

Isn't it pretty?

I pulled these threads to start another new quilt design. And the block is actually called "Flamingos in Flight"...which tickled me so much I just had to design a quilt with it! (And I'm definitely using the title, too...) It has bits of the flying geese triangles in the bird theme is woven nicely into the block pattern.

And of course, what other colors could I choose but bright pinks and corals (with a touch of lavender for a little tropical punch)?!? Luckily for me, Caron Watercolours has a great variegated thread color called Fraises du Bois (190) so I could match my pinks and corals to that... I'm really having fun stitching this up.

And I decided to work on a pale pink canvas - just for a change - although you don't see any of the canvas once all the stitching is done, so it could be done on good old eggshell....(But sometimes I like using a different color, just for the variety and fun of it.)

The colors remind me of the colors in the mix of little candy hearts we usually see around Valentine's Day. So how appropriate is that?!?! It's a very happy color combination to stitch with on a cold, grey, dreary winter's day...

I expect I'll have this pattern available sometime in February...until then, I gotta get back to stitching all those flighty flamingos!

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