Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Little Flag Waving

I've been inspired by Coni (SPINSTER STITCHER) who is starting a new project that she will be stitching during the Beijing Olympics. She's going to stitch a lovely American Flag project called "Patchwork of Peace." How appropriate!

After watching the opening ceremonies last night, I've decided to jump in to the Olympic Stitching Event by stitching up a little flag canvas I created from the photograph above. (I've been itching to have an excuse to start stitching on it, and now I have one! Isn't it amazing how eager we are to find ANY EXCUSE to start a new project? ....Never mind how many other projects we have ALREADY started in our project pile?....)

And of course, I'm off to the local stitchery store to get my threads...I'm thinking Splendor silks for the red, white and be blended with a simple basketweave stitch thruout (and maybe some discreetly padded borders!)

Well, I'm off to shop....Talk to ya later!

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