Thursday, August 7, 2008


Want to see some neat old embroidery charts that have been digitalized and offered free to the stitchers of the world? Visit MY AUNT'S ATTIC (click the link on the right.) You can then click on the charts shown and they enlarge for you to view them and THEN you can copy them to stitch!

Or like me, you can just browse through them and let their old-style beauty inspire you to pick up a needle and thread and START STITCHING!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

On another topic entirely, I just noticed you have a new photo at the top of your Blogspot blog--love the house, and especially the dog!

Here in Chilly Hollow, a house isn't a home without a dog or two.

Or five.

Jane, sighing and wondering if I'll ever learn to Say No

NCPat said...

OH, My! How wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

Amazing designs! Thanks for sharing the link.

Ruth M. said...

Wow, those are nice. i really love older, vintage items so these hit high on my "wow/cool/drooly" scale

Thanks for sharing

Ruth M