Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Border Bits

As I go to and fro during the day, my eye is stopping on some of the borders I have on some smaller pieces hanging around the house. So I thought I would share these small border ideas with you.... As we all know, you can never have too many border options!

Here are two ideas combined in one border. First, check out that tiny CHECKERED BORDER made with simple scotch stitches, alternating with smyrna crosses. The scotch stitches are done in a variegated thread, and the smyrnas are done in a gold metallic. This is a VERY SIMPLE border idea that can be worked in a jillion combinations -- and yet very, very effective for a little bit of a different border. This works great on tiny canvases, where you don't want to overwhelm the central design.

And notice that really cute POLKA DOT BORDER. How fun is that?!? Another simple but elegant border idea to use on small to medium canvases. And of course, you can use beads for the dots, instead of stitches!

And one of my easy favorites is the PADDED SATIN BORDER. If you haven't tried that yet, you must! It's fast, fun, and easy. Just lay 1-3 long stitches in the "ditches" of your canvas, then diagonal satin stitch over them to get a lovely raised border. (The scanner smushed the padded border in this photo, but you get the idea...) You can also do TWO layers of padding before covering with the final layer - if you want a higher padded border. Also, notice the thin shaded line sandwiched in between the two green borders. You can do a solid color, a blended color, or a variegated color to echo whatever colors are in your main design.

And let's say you buy a canvas with a solid band of color around it. Here's a real easy way to create a patterned border. Just stitch rectangular blocks in alternating directions to create a chevron pattern. Or, for a bit of pizazz, alternate with a matching metallic ribbon, so the border has a lovely shimmer to it. (I've used that effect on several of my quilt designs, to wonderful effect.) Then finish it off with a padded border on the outside - TA DA -- Easy Peasy!!

And last, but certainly not least: there's the good ole' checkerboard border. When in doubt, a checkerboard border always adds a bit of country charm. Using black checkers is always elegant and creates instant drama to any piece. Alternate with a variegated color and you've added even more sophistication with a really simple technique. HOW FUN IS THAT?!?!


Anonymous said...

Now I've spotted a pumpkin ornament in addition to the bat and cat Halloween ornaments. Do you have any others tucked away that you would like to share? These are charming pieces.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Just when I think you must have run out of border ideas, you do it again!

Very clever and effective, Miss Laura. You really are the Border Queen!

Jane, not queen of anything in CH

Theresa said...

These are some wonderful border ideas!!!! I love the poker dot~~

justrinda said...

What a treat to discover your blog! You are the designer that started me on counted canvas and I've worked up many of your designs, and have yet more kitted up and even more waiting to be kitted up. In fact, I started something of a Laura Perin explosion in Boise when I was working on my first one in our local shop. For a while we were ordering more #5 perle cotton than any other store in the West! I'm fascinated with your border ideas, and what you did with Mystery in a Corner was eye-opening.

Now I subscribe to your blog and read it regularly. Love the Daisy Collage. I think it needs to be added to my collection . . . sigh.

Rinda in Boise

Cyn said...

Hi Laura,

Do you have the pumpkin and spider charted? If so, where?

I'm still working on "Cats and Bats" and I was trying to decide what to put in the center as I'm stitching on black canvas. I then checked your blog and saw that you stitched a version with a pumpkin! Wahoo! I'll be adding a pumpkin this weekend. Thanks!!!

Windy Meadow