Friday, November 7, 2008


Recently, I sent a pattern to Rainbow Gallery that I designed to highlight a bunch of their threads. (Can you imagine how much fun it is to have a handful of new and delicious threads sent to you and then be asked to design something using them?!? Oh, BLISS!)

Anyway, Rainbow Gallery sent me some of their newest thread, SILK LAME' BRAID, and BOY was it wonderful to stitch with! It's a soft, flexible thread (72% silk, 18% rayon) with the slightest shimmer of metallic color woven thruout. It's not a fragile thread either. It's a good weight - like a full strand of floss or silk - so it stays in the needle and covers very nicely, too. It's NOT a strandable thread; rather, you just use it as it comes off the card, in a nice full strand of blended threads - 4 strand of silk braided with 4 strands of fine metallic. (To see the sparkle up-close, just double-click on the above photo and you'll get a dazzling eyeful!)

I especially appreciate Rainbow Gallery's color range. They don't just give you one or two yellows or pinks, but a whole range of each color - warm and cool variations of each color, so you can pick just the RIGHT color that you need.

Currently, Silk Lame' Braid is designed especially for 18 ct. canvas (it has the SL prefix) and comes in 42 colors. John Satterlee, at Rainbow Gallery, also mentioned to me that they will be coming out soon with Silk Lame' Braid for 13 ct. canvas (it's a little bit thicker, and just as soft and yummy). You can see a skein of it above in the warm pink color (it has the LB prefix.)

SO -- it's become my current THREAD CRUSH. (You know how you get crushes on movie actors, or singers? Well, I get the same kind of crush on new threads or threads that are new to me. Crazy, huh? Or maybe you can relate, too? ...hmmmm?)

Sometimes I stumble upon a new or different thread, and as soon as I stitch with it, it becomes my favorite thread. I love using it, and finding new uses for it. So, I'm thinking I'll be sharing some of those favorite threads with you, now and then, when they catch my eye, or pass thru my fingers. Cuz, you know..... we ALL NEED MORE THREAD for our poor languishing thread stashes, right? Of course we do!

P.S.: If you want to see the latest pattern I designed for Rainbow Gallery, just visit their website at: ; then click on the "Free Patterns" menu and look for my DESERT ROSE.


Frontrange Stitcher said...

Mmmm, yummy! Especially like the non strandable feature and all the colors. I also viewed and like your new chart at Rainbow. Thanks again for sharing.

NCPat said...

Silk Lame is great! I love seeing all the colors as my LNS did not have them all!

NCPat said...

Silk Lame is lovely although I had not seen all of the colors, I have a couple of them and used them already! Love the desert flower!

Theresa said...

Wow~~~ Those are some beatiful thread colors!! No wonder you are having a crush~~

Carol said...

I got the newest (to me) Watercolours today and have also been allowing myself a thread crush. Now I see that I'm behind and need to seek out the Silk Lame as well. And thanks for the post on the freebie; I can take a new Watercolour and add a few solids and get one done right away!

Edy said...

What lusciuous colors! I may have to rob a bank this week!

Edy said...

What gorgeous colors...I just may have to rob a bank this week!

Jane said...

Wow. The colors are beautiful. I may have to find them - sooner rather than later. Jane

lewmew said...

Beautiful stuff - thank goodness it's not available locally LOL!

For those who may have trouble finding the pattern, here's a link directly to it: