Friday, November 21, 2008

Scotch on the Roof

The other day, my dog Katie and I were taking our daily walk around the neighborhood. It was a grey and gloomy day, so we scurrying along, eager to get back home. (At least I was...Katie was happy to stop and sniff at every little leaf, rock or tree.)

But as we climbed up the street, I noticed something strange on the garage roof of the house at the end of the hill:

It looked like a really life-like stuffed animal... It wasn't moving, just sitting there still as a statue. Was it a holiday decoration? It sure looked exactly like Scotch, the labradoodle dog that lived in that house.....

WAIT! IT WAS SCOTCH! Sitting absolutely still, watching the street. She wasn't even barking or moving as we approached - just sitting watching us. And the whole time, Katie never even saw her up there.

I was afraid to approach too closely, for fear Scotch would get excited or try to jump down. I walked back down the street to my neighbor's house, since she was friends with Scotch's family. We all walked back up the street again and my neighbor called Scotch down from the garage roof. She tried to put her back in the backyard, but Scotch escaped easily and so my neighbor decided to take Scotch home with her, until Scotch's owner returned.

Later in the day, Scotch's owner came to fetch her. I'm sure she couldn't believe her dog would climb onto the roof, but I was able to show her these photos I took with my cell phone camera (sorry for the poor photo quality, folks). Anyway, the house is further up the hill, and the garage roof is just a few feet away from the steep front steps of the house, but still, it's a pretty clever thing for a dog to do to await her owner's return, isn't it?


NCPat said...

Wow! That is amazing!

NCPat said...

How cute is that!

Doris said...

the dogs are amazing creatures.

Sheila said...

There´s no sneaking into the house with Scooch on duty on the roof. What a smart dog :)