Monday, August 10, 2009

A New Quilt Design

I recently finished this new quilt design, called IDAHO STAR:

I wanted to stitch something using Watercolours 245 - "Savannah" and thought this quilt would be perfect for that thread, since the colors evoke a high mountain landscape, with green-gold meadows and ice-cold streams under bright blue skies. Here's the thread palette I used for IDAHO STAR (plus a turquoise and gold ribbon thread not shown here):

Although I must admit, as I was half-way through stitching this model, I realized this design would also look terrific in other colorways - blues and purples, for instance... or maybe a more southwestern palette of adobe and turquoise....

The actual IDAHO STAR block looks like this:

The variegated chevrons, or "arrows" are fun to stitch with 1 ply of Watercolors, and then all the other colors revolve around them. The "stars" alternate colors in each block - I used turquoise and green, for a more monochromatic look, but you could be a lot more daring with colors for a totally different look.

And the border is a little bit different too:

I've continued stitching the variegated arrows along the border edges, and then, instead of stitching the background in just one color, I decided to work the background a gradation of golden tans - which is fun to stitch, and then fun to look at after you're done.

So, if you're interested in stitching up a new quilt design (and maybe even changing the colors) you can find this new IDAHO STAR design on my website.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to getting this design. The layering of solid colours in the background, as you have done with the three shades of tan, will be an interesting effect to play with. I'll probably end up doing multiple versions in different colour schemes. Including the original. of course

Anonymous said...

The design looks YUMMY! I really like the recent quilt patterns you have created. This is another must have pattern. THANKS! -Sue

Wanda said...

the colors are beautiful. Sure..there are other color combinations that would work well too. But I like the ones you selected. In some way..they fit wit the name Idaho Star. I like it. I sure wish I had access to threads! I've only found DMC/Anchor in the very few stores around here.

Betsy said...

I have a question on this - for the DMC do you use a single or double strand? And if it is a double strand do you need to use a laying tool? When I use double strands with these type of long stitches they really need to lay flat or it just doesn't look right. But using a laying tool makes the project take twice as long.