Thursday, March 22, 2012

Favorite Flowers

Spring is here, no matter what the weather in your neck of the woods!

And if you can't get enough flowers  in your life, why not stitch some? 
Here's a very popular quilt design from my website in the American Quilt Collection, called FLOWER SAMPLER:

I stitched it many years ago with a Rainbow Gallery thread (Overture V95 - "Phoenix") because it had such lovely soft springtime colors -- peaches, pinks, and seafoam greens.  It was very fun to pick out all the quilt blocks I could find that had a flower theme.  And because there are so many different blocks, it's a fun quilt to pull out just a few of your favorites and stitch them as a small springtime ornament, like this:

I enjoyed stitching the scalloped border on this design, because I had always wanted a quilt with that type of border detail.  Then I added an extra border with more flowers peeking up at the edges:

I've got this FLOWER SAMPLER piece currently hanging in my house this season, so I can enjoy all the flowers.  I keep thinking I'd really love to stitch it again in different colors, especially since there are sooooo many more springy variegated threads to choose from... but alas, I have so many new projects underway, all I can really do is look at this old favorite and smile....

Hope it brings a springtime smile to your face as well!


Rinda Just said...


This was the first piece of yours I ever stitched (but of course I changed the colors). This started the era of Laura Perin in Boise, way back when!

Cathy H said...

I love this piece. When I had my shop, I once counted how many times I taught this piece and helped stitchers select their own colors (I think it was over 75 stitchers at one point...not all at the same time!) I enjoy my model everyday! Thanks for such a great timeless design.

ileanak said...

Det ser ut som en riktigt lapptäcke!
Du kombinerade form och färg på en utmärkt sätt!Bara om man ser lite närmare syns det att den er handsytt med nål.

Joanie R. said...

I just have to get this pattern, it has been on my wish list for a long time......I think that time has come....Happy Spring to you.