Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New March Pattern

I've been in a joyfully productive springtime mood these last few weeks and am happy to show you my newest spring design called LONG SPRING PANEL:

This happy springtime piece uses little bits of stitched ribbons to divide the four different floral patterns that make up this new long panel. I couldn't decide which pastel variegated thread to use, so I've included two different colorways on the pattern  (plus I list the thread types used, for stitchers who want to create their own color palettes).

One colorway is a "cool pink" palette (the model shown above) that is stitched on sage green 18 ct. canvas. It features Watercolours 064 "Pale Lilac" and weaves a touch of lavender throughout the piece. The other colorway is a "warm pink/coral" palette that can be stitched on eggshell canvas and uses Watercolours 053 "Coral Blush" as its inspiration. Here's a snippet of the warmer pink version for you to see up close:

It's such a fun and easy piece to stitch up (I finished the first model in a week) that as soon as I completed the first version, I started to work on the second one... and am enjoying stitching it just as much as the first!

When I got the first model finished, I had planned to just add beads, but in a burst of springy inspiration, I realized that the tiny ribbon flowers are exactly the right size to hold a few small buttons. I went looking through my old button bag and came up with a few good buttons, but I also visited the local fabric store and found these adorable shell flower buttons that were perfect for the piece:

They add a very charming vintage springtime touch, don't you think? 

So if you have a collection of small buttons you'd like to add to a stitched project or if you're just in the mood for something new and springy  to stitch right about now, please visit my website to see more information on this design. 


Coni said...

Love, love, love the border! Woo Hoo!

Laura said...

Coni: How sharp-eyed you are! Yes, I've stumbled upon a neato new border and am totally smitten with it. You lay long threads underneath (metallic or different colors) then work a series of large cross stitches on top - to create a woven effect. Am using it a lot in my next batch of designs... stayed tuned for more exciting projects - grin!!

CJ in OK ;-) said...

Love this long skinny look and Colorado are very springy. CJ in OK ;-)

Melanie said...

Well that's my stitching from stash resolution gone, just been and pre-ordered it. Love the colors on both of the options.

Tatkis said...

Wow, your new spring panel is absolutely charming - I love both colour versions!