Monday, March 12, 2012

Mini Mystery Monday #6, part 3

Did you have fun stitching all your tiny boxes?   Good.

Now we get to fill in all those boxes with cute little elements that really make this design pop.... and you'll be adding a touch of metallic sparkle as well, so get ready for some fun stitching!

And you also get to choose whether or not you'd like to add some beads, because that will dictate HOW you fill your little boxes.

FIRST VERSION: I filled all my boxes with Rhodes Squares, so it looked like this:

Some of the boxes are filled with 1 ply of the variegated Watercolours, some are filled with 1 strand of the dark and medium accent pearl cotton colors, and some are filled with 1 strand of the metallic ribbon color.

So if you like that look, follow this graph:

SECOND VERSION:  If you want to add beads to your piece, you'll have to stitch something different in your little boxes (which are 5 x 5 threads, by the way).  So, because you have an odd-numbered space to fill, you'll have to create an Eyelet variation like this:

And that way you have a center space in which to add your beads. As a guide, use the whole graph shown above, but substitute Eyelets for Rhodes Squares, wherever you want to put them...

You may choose to alternate your fillings in the boxes or mix them up...and you'll have to choose your beads, as well -- that's all up to you!  (And since I didn't stitch a beaded model, you'll have the added surprise of seeing how that finally looks.)

Anyway, when you're finished, I hope you enjoy looking at this little design as much as I do!!  I think the little Rhodes Squares kind of look like gum drops.... and they definitely add a fun texture to this piece.

And psssst, just between you and me, I loved the look of this little piece so much, I started designing a LARGER piece that is built around this sweet little one.  I'm calling it "COTTON CANDY" and here's a sneak peek at it:

It is sooooooo much fun to stitch, I'm planning on stitching it up in a second colorway, too.  So keep an eye out for this fun new quilt pattern that I will release later this Spring...

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