Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another Old Favorite

Talking about my FLOWER SAMPLER last week got me to thinking about another old sampler design of mine that has been ultra-popular over the years -- the SAMPLER QUILT:

It's a large design -- on 18 ct. canvas it's 12" x 14" and it basically used 2 skeins of a variegated Watercolours thread, 2 skeins of a medium and dark #5 pearl cotton, and a ball of ecru for all the background areas.

This design is so adaptable to so many colors and sizes, I can't begin to list them all. Just pull your favorite variegated threads, a few solid colors and start stitching - this is a fun feast for the eyes, let me tell you!

I've stitched this pattern at least four different times: twice on 18 ct. canvas in it's full size, once when I picked out nine of my favorite blocks and made a smaller square version, and once when I stitched the whole design on 24 ct. Congress Cloth.  The Congress Cloth version is a particular favorite of mine and looks like this (please forgive its ragged has traveled a lot over the years and is a bit worse for the wear - but still fondly cherished):

Stitched on the smaller Congress Cloth, its size is approx. 9" x 11" and it has a delicious miniature look and feel to it.  But really, it's the colors that make it most appealing, don't you think?

For this model, I used  the silk thread, Caron Waterlilies 110 "Hyacinth", which only comes in Waterlilies and not the thicker Watercolours or Wildflowers, unfortunately...  Anyway, I chose periwinkle and orchid for the dreamy accent colors (Splendor silks, I think, but I don't recall the actual colors).  That "Hyacinth" colorway is totally yummy...and doesn't it make you yearn for a romantic misty spring morning? (... sort of a "Pride & Prejudice" kind of colorway - grin!) 

Sigh.  Just another springtime design I thought I share with you in this season of flowery abundance...


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Love this! Needs to be on my to-do list!