Monday, April 9, 2012

Mini Mystery Monday #7, pt 3

Woo Hoo!   It's time to finish up this Springy floral design!

If you've chosen your floral motifs and filled in the background lattice with the flowers of your choice, now you can fill in the large central diamond.

Now there are LOTS of different things you can put into the center box....

I've graphed out two different options, but there may be something else you'd like to put in your box.  How about a large initial to personalize it for yourself or a friend?  Go looking through your reference books or  stitching magazines  or cross stitch patterns for interesting alphabets that might work for this size of opening.

How about a large button of some kind?  A big fimo or ceramic button that fills up the box ( a flower? a bunny?  or anything else that comes to mind?)  or something that might just need a bit of stitching to fit....

Here's one STITCHED way to finish your center diamond, if you used the large flower elements:

And here's another STITCHED version, that matches the small flower elements:

Or, you can mix and match the different centers with whichever pattern you stitched on your piece.  The choice of how you want to finish off this ornament project is totally up to you!

And then of course, there's another decision you have to make:  beads or no beads?

Hmmmm..... Well, I opted for french knots in the metallic Ribbon Floss to finish off my model, but you can add as many beads as you'd like... or whatever kinds of beads you'd like to show off in your design....

Here's my finished model using french knots instead of beads:

So really, you can see how flexible this design is. There are sooooo many different ways to stitch this design up, I know you'll have fun playing with it.  (After I finished my springy pink and purple version, I wished I had tried a more monochromatic version.... maybe one in the palest pinks or lavenders?  Or what would this look like in soft whites and golds?  Sigh... so many possibilities, so little time to stitch them all.)  Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed stitching it thus far.... and continue to enjoy finishing it up in your unique style.

As always.... Happy Mystery Stitching!!!!


helene said...

bravo et merci
c'est tres joli

Joanie R. said...

Very pretty design. I tried to enlarge the charts to stitch them, but could not get them to print any larger than 3 or 4 inches. Am I doing something do I increase the size so I can see the patterns.

Joanie R.