Monday, April 2, 2012

Mini Mystery Monday #7, pt. 2

It's time to stitch the next part of this month's mystery piece.  We get to fill in those diamond shapes with some fun little flowers.  (Did you guess that was coming next?!?)

AND you get to choose between two different floral motifs, so that makes it even more fun!

Here's the graph for the first option:

And here the graph for the second option:

And here's the detail graph for stitching each of the two floral elements:

 Hmmmmm, it's hard to decide which one to stitch, isn't it?
They're both equally fun and easy to's a whole little flower, and the other is just the flower face up close... It's totally up to you which one you prefer to use in your piece!

And at this point, you might also decide to use a variegated thread for all your flowers, instead of alternating two different flower colors row by row.  Or maybe you'd like to make all your flowers one color.  Or maybe you'd like to try making your flowers with a silk ribbon so they have a bit more texture and dimension. Well, all of those creative options give you plenty of things to think about to personalize your mini mystery piece....

AND AHEM.... here's another thing.... I made both floral motifs as eyelet-type flowers, because then - TA DA - there's a hole in the center that makes a great place to sew a bead (or a french knot, if you prefer).  Just another fun option for you to think about!!

Have fun with this week's stitching.... and I'll see you again next Monday!

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