Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Flowers: End of Summer

By this time of year, my garden has taken some hits from the long hot days of August.  There are a few roses blooming, and the end of the summer flowers, but they are looking a bit weary and heat-scarred.  Here's what's left blooming now:

Time to start planning and shopping for my winter flowers, so I'll have a fresh batch of flowers to cheer me up when I look out in the yard.  Hope you're enjoying the last of your garden before winter arrives...
And of course, HAPPY FRIDAY!


Mary said...

I just posted a pic on my blog of the last Mini Mystery design. It was fun to stitch! Thanks for sharing!

Joysze said...

What stunning flowers!!!!

Maria Filomena said...

Beatiful flowers!!!!!

Good .... Summer!!!!


Maria Filomena