Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Harvest Moon House

Woo Hoo! I got my HARVEST MOON HOUSE finished in time to offer it in October!

 And yes, it's got the required pumpkins, black crows, owl, chrysanthemums, full moon, curling chimney smoke, and of course, the mysterious black cat sitting on the left porch:

Here's the right side of the porch:

I know it looks overwhelming to stitch, but really, you start with the front door (an easy geometric) and then count outwards from there (over to the porch pillars, then over to the shutters, up to the roof eaves, then add the roof peak) and before you know it you have the foundation of the house underway.  After that, you can easily place all the other objects in this piece, and enjoy creating your house bit by bit.

I've chosen a bunch of ThreadworX Overdyed Floss for this design, along with a handful of Splendor silks (although I also give DMC floss colors).

I like this house because I can display it throughout the whole autumn season, until it's time to switch out the fall stuff with the Christmas decorations!

So if you're interested to building your own Harvest Moon House, please visit my website and see more information about it there.


Teresinha said...

Hello Laura
Through Maria Filomena's blog I arrived here and confess you have wonderful embroidery.
Congratulations. I'm following you to see your beatiful works.

Teresinha said...

Sorry,I forgot to tell you my portuguese blog:

Joysze said...

Whoah!!! This is one gorgeous Fall house!! :D

Goldylox99 said...

I can't find the Harvest Moon House on your website. Am I missing something? I looked in every area.

Thank you!

Laura said...

YIKES: I forgot to refresh and publish my website with the new pattern.... but I've just done that and HARVEST MOON HOUSE is up and available! Thanks for your patience... LAURA

Tatkis said...

This autumn house is so lovely and cosy!


Kevin Tober said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I am so tempted to purchase. Love your designs! I just found out about your site, and designs, today! Facebook is great for finding out about various designers and their sites and blogs.


Sue said...

Gorgeous, lovely design! do you have a follow button?

Odile said...

Your "harvest moon house" is absolutely beautifull. It is really autumn. I love it very much.