Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Celtic Cross #2

In my second Celtic attempt, I wanted to try using blackwork to create a special Celtic design.

This is my CELTIC CROSS #2:

I actually designed the piece around an "emerald" button I found in a fabric store. At the time, there were many Celtic-type buttons to choose from, and I liked this antique-looking green button.

I settled on this simple, but most effective composition of an actual Celtic cross layout. And I was very careful to choose blackwork patterns that looked "Celtic" to me. Here are the ones I used in this design:

As you can see in this photo, the actual patterns I stitched in the arms and center areas all have some variation of the larger celtic cross shape within their repeating patterns. This "echoing" of shape and motif re-enforces the overall Celtic theme and also works to tie all the different areas together. In the corners, I've added some large Waffle stitches in a thicker gold cording, as another "echo" of Celtic knotwork. Overall, I was pleased to create a modern blackwork piece that also had the feel of something quite ancient.

I used one ply of dark green DMC floss along with green and gold blending filament, throughout the whole piece, which is stitched on 25 or 28 ct. Lugana (I forget which). Unfortunately, photos never show the dazzling sparkle of metallics in a stitched piece. But trust me, this piece REALLY has lots of green and gold sparkle! It's a favorite blackwork piece of mine, and one I enjoy looking at every day.


NCPat said...

This is gorgeous! I also love buttons!

Front Range Stitcher said...

How beautiful. This is an amazing piece.

Laura Elizabeth said...

What an amazing piece ~ I really love it!

acereta said...

Beautiful cross!

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