Monday, March 9, 2009

March Comes In....

Here in Northern California, March came in like a lion.... with lots of wind and rain. Was it the same where you live?

Because I tend to think of things in terms of colors, I always think of March
as being a "green & grey" month. (Days of the week have certain colors for me, too, but that's another topic.) Anyway, around this time of year (also around St. Patrick's Day, not surprisingly) I get a craving for stitching something in greens and purples.

Here's a few of my past green & purple designs:

This is GARDEN PARTY, a geometric sampler which I've also used as my March banner heading photo, above.

Here's CELTIC KNOTS, a more traditional quilt design from my American Quilt Collection:

Here's a more elaborate comtemporary quilt design called COLOR STUDY: PINWHEELS:

And here's a completely abstract green & purple design called PURPLE PANELS (It's a particular favorite of mine, and I'll have to show it to you "up-close & personal" another time, so you can really SEE it better):

Maybe seeing all these designs will inspire you to celebrate the month of March by stitching something green & purple yourself! ..... As for me, I'm thinkin' it's about time to start another green and purple project...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors,I can't decide which I love best celtic knots for their simplisity or pinwheels for the colors. Great inspiration. Gayle

Laura Elizabeth said...

March roared in like a Lion on the east coast as well.

Green and purple are one of my favorite color combinations and I love the selection you laid out yesterday ~ especially the Celtic Knots, my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Green and purple = warm spring days heading into summer, when fragrant plants like lilac and lavender are in bloom. Bliss!

Green and purple mingled with shades of blue = clear twilight on a warm spring day. My favourite colours, used when I stitched your Shining Star quilt pattern.

Wanda said...

I'm playing "catch up" with blog reading today. Just wanted to say...awesome work. And your hardanger pieces are so beautiful. I've attempted cutwork years ago...your pieces make me want to try again!

acereta said...

I love teh colours! Just my favourite.