Friday, March 13, 2009

A Simple Gift (in green & purple!)

Sometimes the simplest things can give the greatest pleasure.

I was reminded of that when I pulled out a small pillow I made many years ago, when I first started designing my needlepoint quilts. I had forgotten all about this little pillow, but when I saw it again, I still thought it was quite charming.

That's one of the nice things about those classic, traditional quilt blocks -- they certainly stand the test of time! And this little Lone Star block is one of my absolute favorites. How can anyone resist the beauty and simplicity of these stars?

Here's an up-close look at the Lone Star blocks:

As you can see, it was stitched with a "green and purple" thread - probably Watercolours' "Amethyst", which is one of my favorites.... and it's apprx. 3.5 x 3.5" on 18 ct. mono canvas. And hey, there's not even a border around this! (Which only goes to show how unnecessary borders, metallics, beads, or fancy stitches can be when something is a classic like this Lone Star block.)

Anyway, I was smitten once again with this little pillow, and decided to quickly graph it out to share with you. Please visit my website and click on the FREE PATTERNS page, and you'll be able to copy this "SIMPLE GIFTS" pattern. And, if you look at the top photo, you can also see how EASY it is to make a little pillow with this design. I used some odds & ends purple corderoy scraps - it was easy...really!

Anyway....this pattern is my St. Patrick's Day gift to all of you stitchers out there... Enjoy the stitchin' of the green (and don't forget a bit of purple!)

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Theresa said...

Oh~~ This is lovely!!!!! I love purple and this pillow is simply fabulous~ Thank you for the pattern~