Tuesday, May 26, 2009

At the Local Meet & Greet

Howdy, Y'All!
Last weekend I spent an afternoon at Needle in a Haystack, in Alameda, California meeting and chatting with stitchers who were visiting the store and checking out my trunk show. It's always inspiring for ME to meet fellow stitchers who enjoy the same things I do. And I definitely enjoyed chatting with stitchers one-on-one and getting to hear about their favorite projects.

I had a lovely talk with a stitcher who is collecting stitchery projects she can take with her when she and her husband take their boat (currently being restored) on an around-the-world cruise. She specifically was collecting smaller pieces that would be portable and easier to work in a compact environment. (Yes, she did buy a few of my designs.)

I also was able to help a visiting stitcher, Carol, pick out different colors for one of my designs, so she could stitch my JEWEL BOX in her favorite peach and green colors.

I particularly enjoyed seeing the finished pieces that some stitchers brought in to show me. Here's one that stitcher Bev brought in.... She has worked several of my southwestern designs, and enjoys changing the thread colors to match her decor. She stitched this one - TURQUOISE BEAR COLLAGE - in soft pastel colors:

(Sorry for the poor image quality - I used my cell phone to take these pictures and they're not the best, but at least you get the general idea...)

Doesn't this bear look different in pastel colors with purple accents? What a switch from the original turquoise & brown version I stitched, as shown above. I'm always fascinated to see my designs stitched in different color combinations. I can't tell you how many times I've seen stitchers' work in combinations I would never have thought of and how I've loved them all.

Here's another of my pieces - BEARDED IRIS COLLAGE - that Susan stitched up as a store model:

This blurry and over-greened photo doesn't do the piece justice, but you can get the general idea of the purple and green colorway. Trust me, this was truly GORGEOUS! I asked Susan what variegated Watercolours she used and she said it was 060 - Slate. My original iris model (see below) was done in apricots and greens, but I've always wanted to see it stitched as a lavender iris - and now I have. Thank you, Susan!

In any event, I had a lovely time at Needle in a Haystack and came away re-enthused and re-energized to get back to stitching and designing....


Raspberry said...

So...are you doing any trunk shows in Colorado or even Utah this summer?

Jean said...

Laura, I have read your blog all the way through, yes back to the very beginning. I have recently returned to Needlepoint from Cross Stitch (Im blind in one eye). I am also interested in designing, but on an Asian Theme. I love the size and the colorways that you use to design. What I wondered is, if you make up your own stitches or do you have a book or books you reference or recommend? I also love the way you finish a piece and a design taking in all 4 sides. Lovely.

jpowers said...

I finished the bear piece last winter and loved doing it.

Front Range Stitcher said...

What fun for any stitcher, I'm sure everyone was thrilled with the day. I love your new header, very colorful and looking very ready for Summer. Glad you had such a marvelous day at Haystack.

Wanda said...

What a great experience! Isn't it amazing how colors change the whole look of something? I can just imagine how beautiful in real life it all was. How exciting! And yes, I'm sure you feel energized and pyched!

Anonymous said...

My wish would be for a web community where stitchers can share their finished versions of your designs, particularly alternative colour variations. The cross-pollination of ideas from such a gallery would be invigorating.

Susan said...

I love all the different colorways of your work. Interesting to see what beautiful work others have done as well.
Keep up the good work!