Monday, May 11, 2009

I Love Color!

I think I can safely say that the main reason people get involved with stitching is because they love color. Sure, there's also composition, pattern, and texture to consider - but the main attraction has to be COLOR.

Color is the thing that grabs our attention when we walk into a stitchery store and see a wall of hand-painted canvases....or a wall of threads.

And when you lock eyes on a canvas that makes your heart race and you practically start drooling -- isn't it the colors that make you fall in love with it? Well, sure, the subject is primary too.... but what if it's an abstract geometric? Isn't it the color that sways you into purchasing it?

Or here's another scenario I'll bet you're familiar with: you spot a stitchery piece on the wall and you love the design but you immediately start thinking," Wow, I really love that piece, but I'd like to do it in purples...or greens...or turquoise...." (Have you done that once or twice, or maybe a zillion times?!?)

Well then, I rest my case. You're a color lover, just like me.

One of my favorite stitched pieces is this Genny Morrow design, WHEELS OF COLOR:

This is really one of those masterpiece designs that unabashedly celebrates color. As you can see, each wheel is a different color. In addition, each wheel is stitched in a different pattern, which also makes this design a clever sampler of many types of stitches as well. So not only is it pleasing to look at, it's also instructional as well - a stitched reference guide, if you will.

Every time I look at this piece, hanging in my hallway, it reminds me how much I love color....and stitching!


Jeanne said...

That reminds me. I really should finish my own Wheels...

I'm varying the background - light gray in the bottom right corner to dark gray at upper left.

I really do like it, but there's only so much time in a day!

Wanda said...

This piece is amazing. I hope everyone enlarges it to see the details! I think I could look (or stare) at this for hours! Yes...I'm a color freak too!

Tash said...

I also adore this design - I did mine with a dark grey background rather than a white one, and the colours really pop! It did take me almost 4 years to finish though :-)