Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Inspiring Work

So many of you have commented on how inspiring it is to see how other stitchers have interpreted my designs, so I thought I'd share some more photos that stitchers have sent me....

Nancy Curran has stitched these flower collage pieces, then framed them all the same to create this impressive grouping:

Lori Wahl took my California Poppy class in Placerville last year, and she changed the colors of the bright orange poppies into a darker rust orange color, then finished the small 8" x 8" design into a luscious pillow:

Judy Gehman worked the Sawtooth Sampler in much bolder colors, which turns this traditional pattern into a more contemporary-looking piece:

Lisa Balbes sent me this photo of her rendition of my little freebie piece of Grandma's Garden:

And Tanna Parker has stitched this patriotic version of Summer Days (which kind of reminds me of whirling Fourth of July pinwheels)...

as well as transforming the blue Hydrangea House into a sweet little green house to match her own home:

Thank you, ladies, for sharing your finished pieces and inspiring all of us!


Love to Stitch 99 said...

They are all beautiful. I must say that my heart goes directly to that lovely pillow, exactly my colors. I have always been drawn to those colors like a magnet.

I do not remember having seen that lovely project before. Could be old age slowly creeping up on me making me forgetful (grinning).

Pierrette =^..^=

Wanda said...

It sure must be gratifying to see your designs come to life out of the imagination of others! They all look wonderful! Thanks for sharing more photos of color changes in your designs!

Lisa Balbes said...

Hey! I recognize one of those! And I want to stitch all of the others. :-) Beautiful pictures.

Coni said...

Oh, each one is prettier than the next! I'm not sure which I like best, so methinks I'll just love every one of them! LOVE the wall of flower collages...what a wonderful thing to be able to look at every day! Woo Hoo!