Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Look Familiar?

I found this photograph in the March issue of COUNTRY LIVING.
It's such a happy picture with all that sunny yellow, you can't help but stop and smile.

But then I noticed the quilted pillow on the bed. That's the same LONE STAR block that I shared with you back in March. Here's the block pattern I'm talking about:

Can you see the Lone Star block in the yellow quilt version? And then see how the blocks are put together slightly differently - there's an additional block in the center which creates more white spaces. (In my purple version, the stars "share" the same center arms as the four corner blocks, which condenses the pattern and eliminates all that white space).

But as I look at the yellow pillow, I can't help wondering what a variegated yellow STITCHED version would look like. And how fun it would be to stitch it leaving the background unstitched, then put something different in the white open spaces - maybe some big eyelet flowers or even large Rhodes diamonds....

That's the beauty of those traditional Lone Star blocks - they sure are versatile and can be stitched (or quilted) in about a million different ways.

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Maria said...

I am just finishing up Sunflower Star and this is next on my list! I may giv this layout a shot.