Friday, April 29, 2011

A Bit of Brightness

A bit of brightness is always welcome after a long winter, so I thought of course of daffodils. I planted a row of bulbs last year and have been enjoying them dancing in the garden...

Which made me pull out my cheerful DAFFODIL COLLAGE, one of the very first flower collages I stitched, lo, these many years past:

I'm always pleasantly surprised to re-view the stitch "swatches" I chose for my flowers and I am reminded again of how fun they were to think up and stitch. Here's one of my favorites, which is a basic box grid (stitched with a variegated thread) then you fill it with whatever fun motifs you want:

And as I was picking out patterns, I tried to use ones that looked like daffodils, with stiff outer petals with a concentrated center. Here's a favorite floral pattern that surprised me how much it looked like a patch of daffodils standing stiffly at attention:

For my other daffodil swatches, I also experimented with two blackwork patterns, and then added a bit more color within the open areas. Here's one of them, as well as the lower right block photo further down:

So, having shared my stitched DAFFODIL COLLAGE with you, I'll leave you with a real bouquet of daffodils....



NYKnitter said...

So beautiful!
Thanks for posting this exquisite design for us to enjoy!

NYKnitter said...

This is absolutely exquisite, inventive needlework.
You brightened my day!
Thank you for sharing your creation online!