Friday, April 15, 2011

Tip Toe Time....

Are you ready for even more Spring? I am. And I thought you might like a bouquet of spring tulips to brighten your day (this is TULIPS from my Secret Garden Collection, stitched on finer 24 ct. Congress Cloth):

Nothing like a little bit of warm sunshine, pastel-colored flowers, and the tender buds of fresh green leaves to lift your spirits. (ASIDE: the pattern also has a colorway for brighter tulips, too.)

Here....take a sniff up-close...and while you're looking, see how I used the stitch's directional change to mimic the light changes on the tulip petals:

And since it's Friday, I'll close with some Friday Flower shots of the individual tulips that are currently appearing in my backyard:

Ahhhhh....Spring is definitely here to stay -- so enjoy your day!


Susan said...

Just beautiful! It's nice to see this design up close. Love it!
Thanks for sharing!

Jana said...

Просто отлично ! Какие оригинальные тюльпаны !

Maria said...

LOVE it! Another must have. I need more hands!!