Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Feeling Flowery

I was working in the garden most all weekend, so this week I thought I'd highlight some of my flower quilt designs that I've been reprinting and sending to shops around the country...

Here's my very first flower quilt, called FLOWER BASKET, which uses the very traditional flower basket motif. It's a simple design but very effective all the same (and it's one of only a very few of my patterns that has tent stitches in the pink background areas):

As I recall, I also stitched a small pillow from this design, working just one of the flower baskets with the scalloped border - in soft lavenders and yellows.

Here's the next flower-themed quilt I designed, called FLOWER GARDEN, because I thought the outer border looked like a picket fence with a row of flowers in front:

And then there's the ever-popular FLOWER SAMPLER, in which I decided to create an assortment of my favorite flower quilt blocks and just put them together! I used a very pastel variegated thread on this model, and as I look at it now, I think it would look so very different done in darker or bolder color combinations. It's a good pattern for experimenting with different color combos, as well as very fun to stitch, with each block being different:

This is another design that would be easy to stitch up in a smaller version - say, four of your favorite flower blocks....

Sooooo, if you haven't got spring flowers in your yard yet, maybe you'd enjoy stitch up a garden of flowers instead!

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