Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back to Basics

I've been so wrapped up in getting ready for the Asilomar experience, then spending a week teaching at Asilomar, and now finally unpacking from Asilomar, I haven't had time to do any real stitching. (Sheesh, how frustrating is that?!?) So, anyway...now I'm home and I'm ready and eager to spend some time stitching. Finally!

And here's the little flower canvas I'm choosing to work/play on -- my little time-out project that I carried with me to Asilomar, but didn't actually get much stitching done. It's small: only 5.5" x 6.5" on 18 ct. canvas.

I've wanted to try some shadow stitching, and I thought these viola petals would be the perfect place to try it! I'm inching my way along, feeling my way as to the colors and stitch patterns. I'm also using just one strand of DMC floche for all the stitching inside the padded borders (which are done in #5 pearl cotton.)

So far I'm very pleased with the look of the shadow stitching. I've used just one yellow color for the top petals, one blue for all the blue petals, and a gold color for the underneath viola petals - but see how the colored canvas shows thru? Looks like I shaded the stitches, but I DIDN'T. How cool (and easy) is THAT?!? I can't wait to get all the petals done, and then move out to finish the background areas with an airy lace-type stitch.

I decided to try a little checkerboard border inside the padded border, because violas are such cheerful flowers, I thought they could stand up to a snappy little checkered border! The finishing touch will be adding the dark straight lines on top of the viola petals, as well as filling the bright white spots in the flower centers (I'm thinking tiny french knots).

I'm on the homestretch now...it shouldn't take me long to complete this... and I can't wait to see how it looks finished!


lewmew said...

I still want to know how you got the picture on the canvas - did you paint it or use some other medium? :)


NCPat said...

This is a really cute piece. I have been thinking about one stranding a beautiful painted canvas, and this is pushing me closer! Thanks!