Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Scoops of Stitching Deliciousness

Well, after a long day of printing patterns, I've treated myself to travelling around the blogworld this evening, browsing for more needlework sites to add to my ever-growing blog list. I always get so excited when I click on a new blog name and up pops a blog with delicious pictures of canvases being stitched, or piles of luscious threads waiting for a new project. (Don't you just love the sight of a new canvas waiting for its potential to be realized?)

Yes, indeedy, we stitchers do love our threads....and our canvases....and our counted patterns....and our smalls....and our stitching accessories...

And yet I still crave read, to see, to contemplate, and to inspire me....

So it's a special treat to follow the crumbs that are dropped here and there on the wide world blogging trail, that may - if you're lucky - lead you to a new stitchery site...where you'll meet a new stitching friend who invites you to sneek a peek over their shoulder and see what projects(s) they're working on. Don't you just love this magical blogging world?

Anyway, here are a few more wonderful sites that give us a look at some designers' and stitchers' works in progress:

Cyn Stitches

Front Range Stitches



Stitchlady's Weblog

Oh, Yummers! All these stitching blogs are good enough to eat, aren't they??

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NCPat said...

Thanks for adding me to your list! Isn't it amazing what great works of art there are to drool over?!