Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well, I've finally finished this little Violas canvas.

There are some things I like about it, and some things I don't -- but at least it's finished. (Which means of course, that I can start another one...Oh, goody!)

But let's look at this one first: I like the checkered and padded border. This is a good, simple, and easy way to frame a contemporary canvas. Checkers always seem to liven up a canvas, don't they? Give them a try if you need a jazzy border. I also like the gradated color squares in the corners that go from light to dark orange. That's another good way to lead your eye into the canvas...

I sure like the way the shadow stitching looks. Just as I'd hoped it would. And the simple background stitch is just rows of basketweave stitch, skipping one row in-between each stitched row. It creates a decidedly diagonal effect, but in this small canvas it works just fine.

And when in doubt, Tent Stitch. Which is what I did with the leaves in the background. I'm not crazy about the plain leaves, but I'm not ripping them out either. I'll just figure out something different next time!

And the black lines on the petals are very fine bullion knots, done with one strand of black DMC Floche. Tedious, but they do create a slight texture on the petals. As do the satin stitched orange centers. And then, finally, the white centers are tiny french knots done with 1 strand of white DMC Floche as well.

Well, that's another small canvas finished. I'm sure enjoying stitching on these small canvases. What a fun (and inexpensive) way to play around with colors, threads, and stitches!

Technique P.S.: For those of you who have asked, I've printed these 18 ct canvases on my little ole Epson inkjet printer! Yup. (And 24 ct. Congress Cloth works really well too.) I just cut the canvas carefully to match a piece of paper, iron them so they are as flat as can be, then carefully guide them thru the printer, one at a time. Some people like to iron freezer paper to the back, to catch the extra ink, although I haven't tried that. In any event, they come out surprisingly even and clean....You might like to give it a try yourself!


Love to Stitch 99 said...

This little project has turned out amazingly beautiful.

Shadow stitching over a painted canvas is something that I have never tried up to now and I really love what you have done with yours, so I will certainly put that on my list of to do things.

You always seem to come up with the cutest projects :-)

Pierrette =^..^=

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the technique info. I must try it - especially with Photoshop creations. I'm using a Canon printer but don't forsee any problems.

Jacqui (in New Zealand)

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I like the tent-stitched leaves myself. The rest of the canvas is a bit jazzy and the leaves are restful and quiet, perfect foils for the dancing border and the pretty petals and centers of the flowers.

I'll have to try feeding canvas through my printer!

Jane, off to experiment, inspired by the mad scientist Laura LOL

Coni said...

Oh, Laura, this is so beautiful! I have really enjoyed watching this one progress from the conception....thanks for sharing it!