Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Old Switcheroo

While I'm talking about the fun of working with variegated threads, I should show you how my "Switcheroo Effect" works on some of my kimono patterns. Here's one of my kimono trios: THREE SUMMER KIMONOS. (I also have THREE WINTER KIMONOS and THREE SPRINGTIME KIMONOS, which also use the same technique.)

Anyway, I used the SAME variegated thread for all three kimonos...but I used THREE DIFFERENT solid color accents (with a matching metallic). Each kimono takes on the tone of the solid color yet they all blend together because they have the same variegated foundation thread (I used The Thread Gatherer's Silk 'n Colors 056 -"Mermaid Shimmer".) I was curious to see how much of a color change would occur when I tried a trio of Switcheroos.... and I was pleased to see how well my idea worked.

Here's the kimono on the left. The primary foundation of the kimono patterns is done with the variegated silk, and the accent stitches are worked with a sage green (it's the color of the tent-stitched lining area.)

And here's the middle kimono. The accent color is the dark teal silk in the lining area. Isn't it amazing how much darker the middle kimono is, having the darker accent color worked thruout the pattern?

Finally, here's the kimono on the right, which uses a turquoise accent color.

Please notice the different composite stitch patterns used on each of the kimonos. I consider it a point of honor NOT to repeat my stitch patterns, so I always have fun creating new and different stitch combinations for all my designs.

These kimonos are worked on 24 ct. pale green Congress Cloth and the overall size of the design is 5" high and 15" long. I've also stitched just one of the kimonos by itself, and they're equally fun to stitch.


pinsneedles said...

Laura, these are great! I really like your idea of using the same variegated thread, with different solid colours - what a difference to the overall look that gives. Inspirational.
And I am another who makes sure that I use different stitches throughout a piece. It really adds to the enjoyment of stitching, doesn't it?

NCPat said...

What a wonderful idea! Very nice!

Mary said...

I'm so thrilled to see your blog! Tonight I have been reading some of your old posts and will come back soon to finish! I just recently purchased your design Spring Fling and I'm loving it! There has been so much going on recently and I felt as if I needed something different from cross stitch. I can't wait to get this one finished...there are several more that I'd love to do!

napaneedlepoint said...

Laura --

I knew this about variegated threads but hadn't ever tried it before.

It was so wonderful to see it demonstrated so clearly.

I have a project coming up which is going to use Watercolours and I'm going to do this.

Keep Stitching,