Wednesday, May 9, 2012

...It's Another Basket!

Keeping to the basket theme from last week, I want to share this other design with you.  It's called "BASKET OF BLUEBONNETS":

Several years ago, I had an invitation from Nancy Wahler at The Counted Thread in El Paso, Texas to visit and teach a class at one of their stitching events.  To celebrate this special occasion, I created this quilt design, using all Texas-themed blocks.  Here's a peek at the basket block (on the right) and the bluebonnet block next to it on the left:

And when I went searching through my quilt books, I came across three other blocks called "Texas Tears", "Texas Treasure" and "Texas Puzzle" that I graphed out and offered as possible options for the center block of the quilt design.  It was a fun way to let each stitcher personalize their project, and have a bit of a surprise when they finished.

So I flew to El Paso, met a great bunch of stitchers, and had a fantastic time teaching the class.... not to mention eating lots of terrific southwestern cuisine and generally having a blast with all those fun stitchers in Western Texas. 

I've recently re-introduced this pattern to my AMERICAN QUILT COLLECTION on my website, so if you want to create your own BASKET OF BLUEBONNETS, please check it out...... and hey, y'all!  ...they may call these flowers bluebonnets in Texas, but here on the West Coast we call them LUPINES, and they can be found growing in other colors besides blue -- yellows and pinks, for example.  So if you want to create a different color version of this design, you can certainly have fun doing that, too!

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