Monday, May 7, 2012

Mini Mystery Monday, #8, part 2

Now that you have your center block established, we can work on adding a bit of glitz and glamor to that very same area, as well as adding the dark outer border.  Here's the overall graph for you to see:

 And here's a close-up graph of just one quadrant, that you can use to stitch all the other quadrants as well:

You can start by adding the thinner metallic stitches (I used a gold Kreinik #8 Braid) - first by making a Rhodes Star in the very center of the design; then stitch the gold triangles that are a bit further out.

In the corners of the center block, make the large Fan Stitch element with 1 strand of your thin metallic thread.  I suggest using your needle to slightly enlarge the hole in the corner where all your stitches are converging, just to make those stitches lay snugly side by side.  Also, as in any eyelet-type stitch, it's best to come UP on the outside edge and go DOWN into the middle/hole. The stitches go in every other hole except for the center stitch which fits right down the middle. 

Finally, you can count out to the dark outer border and get that established over 4 canvas threads, using your darkest pearl cotton color.  Add the metallic corners and center triangles, and VOILA -- you're done for this week!

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