Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A-Tisket, A-Tasket....

It's the beginning of May, and the flowers in my garden are starting to bloom like crazy!

And that got me thinking about some of my earliest quilt designs that feature flowers or baskets.
Do you like quilts that have those cute basket blocks in them?  I do.  Which prompted me to create a pattern that had a sampler of different basket blocks, just so I could have the fun of stitching a bunch of them.... It's called "BASKET QUILT" and it looks like this:

What's so fun about this design is how you can play around with the different basket blocks.  You can fill them all with flowers, or plain colors, like I did with the pink ones above.

Here's a cute little basket up-close:

In this photo you can also see the simple "woven" border I chose that echoes the overall basket theme.

I enjoyed stitching this design so much, I did a second color combination in blue and peach:

There are so many tempting color combinations you could stitch this one in, it's crazy!  How to decide is the biggest problem.  And this design is so flexible, you can pick out one of your favorite baskets and just stitch that one....  or pick four of your favs to make a smaller piece....  See what I mean?  This one's a real cutie!

Recently, a stitchery store ordered some of these patterns from me, saying she had a store model stitched up and so far had seen at least eighteen different color variations made up from this design --Wow!!

I've recently added this older design back onto my website, so it's available once again --- if you happen to be in the mood to stitch some baskets and fill them with YOUR favorite colors!!!

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