Monday, May 14, 2012

Mini Mystery Monday #8, pt. 3

Have you completed your center block yet?  (Or at least got it well established...)

If so, you're ready for the next part of this mystery: the surrounding border.  And surprise, surprise, you get to make a decision about what type of border you prefer around your block!  The border area is only 8 canvas threads wide, but within that limited area there are still lots of things you can do to change your design...

The first version that I came up with has a more traditional quilt-y border, using those happy "flying geese" triangles that I'm so fond of stitching. And notice how this version has little bits of metallic sparkle added in the flying geese triangles, as well as metallic boxes in the corners -- just one way to make a simple design as interesting as possible.... Here's what VERSION A looks like:

And here's a quarter section graph, so you can see the stitches a little better:

Then I thought it would be fun to create a jazzier border that includes more of the metallic "fans" that are in the corners of the center block.  Because I think of these small designs as perfect for stitched ornaments, I try to sneak in as much glitz and sparkle as possible.... Also, I've used the thinner #8 Braid for the fans in this graph -- with the metallic ribbon used inside the border triangle areas, but you can reverse the thread types if you want, using your metallic ribbon for the fans and the thinner metallic inside the triangles. Either way will provide plenty of sparkle!
So here's what VERSION B looks like:

And here's the up-close look at just one quarter of the design:

Pretty snazzy, huh?
I hope these two versions give you plenty of ideas and even some inspiration to try both designs in different types of threads.

Have fun working with these different elements and I'll see you next Monday, where we'll complete this pattern with just a few more finishing touches.  Happy Stitching!

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CyberJulka said...

This is my work: Thank you my dear Laura for your another lovely design! Hugs from Poland!:)

Cyber Julka