Monday, May 21, 2012

Mini Mystery Monday #8, pt. 4

We've reached the end of another mystery piece....

There's just a bit of embellishment to add, and then you're done!

Here's the full graph of Version A, with the triangular "flying geese" border and all you need to add are the metallic Rhodes Diamonds that fit within the empty diamond boxes around the border:  

You'll notice that I've put in the background stitches in two of the four quadrants, just to show you how to stitch the background if you want.  The nice thing about using a colored canvas is being able to omit those last background stitches and save yourself some stitching time!

I've also suggested some places to add beads, but you can put them anywhere else you can think of yourself....  Here's the quarter-sized graph (with the background stitches) for you to study up-close:

And here's the full size graph of Version B, with the wild metallic fanned border:

Not much left to do here but add some beads... Although I've added the optional background stitches in the center block area to show you what it might look like.  Again, leaving the background canvas exposed is perfectly fine for this piece and shows off the stitch texture much better, I think.

I've chosen some possible bead locations, but feel free to find your own as well!  And here's a quarter graph for you to study up-close:

Here's what my finished piece looks like (without any beads or background stitches):

Since I was in a very springy mood when I started this piece, I used a handful of pastel threads on pale pink canvas, which doesn't show very well in the photo (pastels never have the dramatic impact that bold or jewel colors do, alas).   And now  I'm thinking that this design would look particularly good in autumnal colors, to show off the Southwestern look of the different stitches.

So I hope you've enjoyed working up this design and will fiddle around with the different borders and try a few versions for yourself in different colors.  And I'll see you again when I have another Mini Mystery worked out for you!

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