Friday, August 26, 2011

A Little Repanelling Project

Over the past few weeks I've had some nice chats with several stitchery store owners about their having classes for my ONE LONG PANEL design in particular. It's been very satisfying to know that stitchers are having fun stitching up these panel projects.... and even more satisfying to know that stitchers are expanding their own creative knowledge and confidence by changing colors and making the panel design their OWN through their color picks!

Recently I received a call from TWO THE POINT in Overland Park, Kansas. They're planning to hold a class in a few weeks and were ordering a few more patterns, since they've had more people sign up. The stitchers there are all choosing their own color combinations, so each one will be a unique surprise for the stitcher when it's done. How fun is that?

And a while ago, THREAD & EYE in London, Ontario sent me a link to see the photos from the group of stitchers who were also taking a ONE LONG PANEL class in the store. Go check out and then click on the "One Long Panel Class" listed on the right side of the website. You'll see all sorts of color combinations for this design. And each one looks totally different than the next!

Hearing from stores and stitchers about how much they are enjoying stitching my projects really gives me a boost of creative energy. I'm so glad stitchers are having fun with my pieces ... and let me tell you: it inspires me to keep on stitching and designing fun projects to share with all of you! So Thank You, Stitchers for all your interest and support for my designs. I truly, truly appreciate hearing from you all!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Stitching Journey

I'm happy to announce another new quilt design for this summer: SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY. I've called it that because I wanted to revisit two of my most favorite quilting motifs and combine them in a larger, more complex design. Here are some of the flying geese triangles

and here's one of the lone star blocks...

It's a larger quilt design (12.5" x 12.5") on 18 ct. mono canvas that I decided to work on the bright aquamarine canvas (even though you don't see much of it after you've finished all the stitching). I've stitched this all in #5 pearl cottons, but it could certainly be done in stranded floss or silk, if you prefer.

And I've listed three different colorways for this design. The Blue Version (which is the model shown above and is built around 2 skeins of Watercolours 192, "Elderberry Wine") plus a Pink Version that is built around 2 skeins of Watercolours 048, "Far Horizons"

and a Red Version that is built around 2 skeins of Watercolours 008, "Nefertiti."

So many times, when I stitch something up I "see" it in other color combinations, which is why I've included the pink and red colorways as well. As much as I loved working in the cool palette of Amish-type colors, I would also love to see it stitched in warm pastels of pinks, golds and greens... not to mention the traditional primary palette of red, blue, green and gold.

If you'd like to take this SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY yourself, please visit my website for more information about ordering this pattern.
P.S.: I've started rebuilding my website with a new host, so it has a fresh new look. It's a long and tedious process, but I've started by putting on the most recent patterns and information, and of course I will continue adding stuff in the coming weeks. There are bound to be a few unforeseen glitches along the way, so I appreciate your patience while my new website is "under construction."

Monday, August 1, 2011

Inspiration Strikes!

Last week, I was wearing a a pair of pants I made many years ago out of a serene batik cotton print. All day long, while I was wearing them I kept looking down at the patterns on the fabric and thought they would make a very cool stitchery design.

See what I mean?

Finally I couldn't stand it any more. I stopped what I was supposed to be doing and sat down and drafted a composition that incorporated a few of the simple fabric patterns, plus a few other motifs that would create the look and feel of a tropical Hawaiian piece.

I scanned the drawing into my Adobe Illustrator program and started working out the graph lines and project dimensions. Once satisfied with the rough layout, I pulled out a handful of blue, aqua and teal threads and started stitching.

I spent all day yesterday sitting on my covered patio stitching, while Katie snoozed on the lawn. And here's what I got done:

I intended to just get the main areas established (so I could take this project to a friend's stitch-in this coming weekend), but I had so much fun stitching each of the areas, I couldn't stop working on it and sheesh, I might have it almost finished by the time the weekend comes around! All that remains to be designed is the Hawaiian-type floral motif in the lower diamond... but no worries! I'm confident that I can create just the right flower motif to finish this piece.

(Psst: Although the photo makes it look like I'm stitching on sage green canvas, I'm really working on the brighter aquamarine canvas, so I have an aqua background on the unstitched areas...)

Anyway, I'm hoping I'll be able to complete the graph and text instructions just as quickly as I can, so I can release this design while the summer is hot and cool projects are a stitcher's necessity! Until then: "Aloha, Stitchers -- and stay cool and serene wherever you are..."