Thursday, December 12, 2019

WOO HOO...A New Holiday Wreath!

I was soooo in the mood to stitch a new Christmas design this season, so I came up with something that is very fun, festive and (relatively) fast to stitch.  I'm calling it my GINGERBREAD WREATH  (for obvious reasons) and I gotta tell you, it's a very happy stitching project with lots of fun ornaments to stitch:

I chose a limited color palette of red, white and green, but sprinkled in a few shimmery metallic threads to mix with the flat matte DMC #5 pearl cottons... and there's a handful of beads placed on the ornaments wherever I could fit them.. This would also look great with a few Christmasy charms or buttons placed where some of the candies are positioned - for added fun and dimension - so please embellish to your heart's content on this wreath!  Here's a closer look at this new design:

I deliberately used easy stitches for this design, so honestly, there's nothing hard or elaborate about this piece.  Just the counting to get the ornaments placed right (which is true about ANY counted canvaswork piece).... Then filling in the evergreen wreath is a bit tedious, but actually it's perfect to stitch while watching TV in the evenings  - preferably Hallmark holiday movies - grin!

And I had to create a gingerbread tree for this the traditional gingerbread house:

You'll notice I added a bit more clothing to the gingerbread boy and girl, just to add some colorful patterns to the wreath, although I thoroughly enjoyed stitching up the snowflake cookies, the bell and the white dove, too:

Anyway, if you love baking gingerbread cookies this time of year, maybe this is the wreath for YOU!!  Please ski on over to my website and see all the ordering information for this new GINGERBREAD WREATH........  HAPPY HOLIDAY STITCHING, EVERYONE!!