Tuesday, December 21, 2021

A New Cyber Class for the New Year

 I've been working on a different kind of project for my first 2022 cyber class.  It's a collage piece that uses warm western colors and has a definite Western theme -- I'm calling it "CARVED ANIMAL COLLAGE" because it features the carved animal fetishes created over the ages by Native American artists.  Here's the class piece I'm talking about:

It's 9.5" x 9.5" on 18 ct. sandstone canvas, created with a palette of serene western colors.  AND each stitcher gets to choose between a TEAL & BROWN palette (shown above, using Watercolors 010 - "Fiesta") or a BLUE & BROWN palette (detail shown below, using Watercolours 260 - "Sticks & Stones").

As a fun bonus in this new class, the pattern includes several animal graphs, so each stitcher gets to decide which animal to stitch as their centerpiece: a HORSE, a WOLF, or a BEAR -- and of course, all three animals carry stones and beads on their backs in the traditional fetish manner:

Don't you think this piece has a masculine feel to it?   I can definitely see it made up as a pillow or framed piece for a den or office....

And, honestly, all the different stitch patterns are not hard - just lots of fun to create - while the collage layout is perfect for playing around with a variety of threads, unusual color combinations, and easy stitches.  Add in a handful of round silver beads, rustic stones, plus two copper feathers, and you have a fun textural piece as well!

So if you love Western styles, themes and colors, you may want to gallop on over to my website and check out all the information on this new CARVED ANIMAL COLLAGE cyber class .... and treat yourself to a fun new project for 2022!