Monday, October 8, 2018

Come Visit My Pumpkin Patch

This summer, while I was working my "Bee-Utiful Garden" design with lots of bees and flowers, it occurred to me that the knot garden format would be fun to try in other seasonal themes.  Of course, the first one that I thought of was a fall harvest piece, with lots of pumpkins and whatever else would fit in the tiny spaces...
And here's what I came up with, for my next fall cyber class, "PUMPKIN PATCH":

I wanted the outer border to mimic a rustic split rail fence, and that's how I stitched the Woven Border this time.  I also had a blast coming up with four different pumpkin patterns to use in the garden blocks -- and you can see that two patterns have yellowy gold pumpkin blossoms in them, while the other two have big glossy leaves -- just to break up all that bright orange.  I wasn't sure how small and how many of those tiny pumpkins would fit in the design, but by golly, they stitched up just fine, and the overall effect is just like a field of growing pumpkins!

In the central space, I wasn't sure how much stuff I could fit, but was pleased to stitch up a bunch of pumpkins, a few crows, and a very friendly scarecrow in a checked shirt.   Here's a close-up:

All in all, a very happy piece for the autumn season. 

So if you'd like to stitch up your own "PUMPKIN PATCH" for this fall season, please mosey on over to my website,, and see all the cyber class registration information.