Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Wintry New Cyber Class

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Stitchers!

I've got a lovely new cyber class piece to share with you today, called BLUE IRIS SQUARE.
Many years ago, I designed this piece and stitched it with Bravo! A102 on 24 ct. Congress Cloth and it looked like this:

I've done a lot of blackwork, but always with colors or variegated colored thread.  I enjoy seeing the surprising watercolor wash that appears when you use a variegated thread in any project.  For blackwork, using pale colors isn't terribly effective since it makes the patterns harder to see.  For this piece, I used medium toned threads, so the patterns are softer, but still visible.

Recently, when I pulled this small project out of storage, I was curious to see how this blackwork design would look on 18 ct. canvas.... so I went ahead and stitched it up in another soft pastel thread, BRAVO! A119 - bouquet.  Here's what the new piece looks like:

This is not a difficult piece, Stitchers; the floral stitch patterns are pretty simple and there are really only a few types of stitches used: a diagonal satin stitch (for the borders), smyrnas, cross stitches, and a backstitch variation that works best for blackwork.  Easy Peasy!!   And I LOVE the larger 9" x 9" size on the 18 ct. eggshell canvas.... it makes is easier to stitch, and easier to see the color progression of cool blues and lavenders that wash over the whole design.  Take a look at the blackwork patterns up-close:

So, Stitchers, if you've been curious about trying some blackwork -- or you'd like to work on a light and airy piece at the start of the year  -- please consider signing up for this fun new project.   I'm offering this BLUE IRIS SQUARE as my first cyber class of the New Year -- and also keep in mind that you get to choose between the two kit colors -- BLUE or TEAL!

If working on a pleasant blackwork/geometric project tickles your fancy, please saunter on over to my website and see all the class registration information....